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Key Results- Brand building, strong economy produce record growth results

Key Results: Brand building, strong economy produce record growth results

Top 50 value rises

34% year-on-year

The BrandZ™ India Top 50—brands that meet eligibility criteria that has been in place since the launch of the India ranking in 2014—rose 34 percent year-on-year, the India ranking’s largest-ever annual increase.

Top 50 value rises

110% in five years

The BrandZ™ India Top 50 increased 110 percent in value since the inauguration of the India ranking in 2014. Over that five-year period, the BrandZ™ China Top 50 rose 76 percent and the BrandZ™ Global Top 50 rose 60 percent.

Top 50 Portfolio

beats SENSEX

The stock portfolio of the BrandZ™ India Top 50 increased 39.2 percent over five years, almost double the rate of India’s SENSEX, which rose only 21.4 percent. As the result illustrate, strong valuable brands deliver superior shareholder returns.


remains No. 1

HDFC Bank remained the No. 1 ranked brand with a 21 percent value increase, following a 24 percent increase a year ago. HDFC Bank retained its leadership even as the ranking expanded from the BrandZ™ India Top 50 to the BrandZ™ India Top 75.

Telecom brand Jio

enters the Top 10

Established just three years ago with an aggressive pricing strategy that disrupted the telecom provider category, Jio entered the BrandZ™ India Top 10 with a 68 percent year-on-year increase in value.

Seven Newcomers

shape the Top 15

Two Newcomers to the BrandZ™ India ranking—insurance brand LIC and Tata Consultancy services—entered the Top 10 at No. 2 and No. 3. These five Newcomers entered the ranking at No. 11 to No. 15: e-commerce retailer Flipkart; the payment system Paytm; Infosys, a technology brand; tobacco brand Gold Flake; and Zee TV.

Jeweler Tanishq

adds most value

With a 97 percent year-on-year increase in value, Tanishq, a Tata jewelry brand, led the Top Risers on the strength of strong demand for gold and diamonds and the brand’s ability to command a premium price.

Automobile, insurance

brands are Top Risers

Four of the Top 10 Risers, brands with the greatest year-on-year value increase, are in the automobiles and insurance categories: TVS and Maruti Suzuki in the automobiles category; and the insurance brands ICICI Prudential and Bajaj Allianz.