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Company: The Ferrero Group

Brand value: US$6,797 million

Change since 2018: -2%

Headquarter city: Luxembourg

Category: Food & Dairy

Year formed: 1968

The Kinder brand is most strongly associated with the Kinder Surprise chocolate egg, but also covers a range of other chocolate products including cake-based snacks. The original Kinder bar was developed to provide a sweet snack with high milk content in a small portion suitable for children’s little hands. To mark the brand’s 50th birthday in 2018, Kinder ran a cross-platform campaign, “Made of Happy”, including competitions and special editions of products from across the range, building on the Kinder tradition of being playful in its communications and focusing on family happiness. Kinder is known for being innovative, and recently announced that it would soon launch Kinder ice-cream in France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria in three product formats. Kinder and parent company Ferrero have committed to using only palm oil from sustainable sources and are part of a movement to restore forest areas damaged by cocoa production.