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Company: Nestlé SA

Brand value: US$1,810 million

Change since 2019: 8%

Headquarter city: Vevey, Switzerland

Category: Food

Year formed: 1935

KitKat is iconic in the world of chocolate – a simple chocolate-covered wafer that has been produced in more than 350 flavours over the years. What’s changed in the past year is the idea that a Kit Kat is a budget purchase from a supermarket, convenience store or petrol station. Indeed, Kit Kat has gone premium and gone direct. The brand has launched its first direct-to-consumer offering: the KitKat Chocolatory provides unique premium flavours that are personalized and customized, and shareable digitally. Personalized, premium-priced eight-fingered KitKats were also made available from pop-up stores within 30 John Lewis stores, offering such flavours as gin and tonic, priced at up to £14 per bar.

Other innovations include two-finger biscuits in a range of new flavours, including birthday cake flavour; last year’s big new KitKat launch in the UK was a bright green bar, flavoured with matcha tea. Cherry cola and apple pie are being talked about as potential KitKat flavours of the future.