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Knab is the bank that wants to do it all differently

Knab is the bank that wants to do it all differently

Emmy Brand

Brand Expert



Because, in their own words, it could all be better and simpler. Founded in 2012, they are the first full online bank in the Netherlands. Knab’s main goal: achieving the highest possible customer satisfaction through smart technology and personal service. It's a pitch that seems to resonate with customers:  BrandZ™ equity data shows that Knab ranks highest for Difference within the banks category. While well-known large banks seem to seek refuge in major themes such as sustainability and financial security, Knab goes back to the essence of “being there for consumers” and their personal needs. To do so, they provide advice that is useful for their customers right away.  For example, if two identical withdrawals are written off from an account in quick succession (intentionally or not), consumers are notified of this so that they can check if this is correct – better safe than sorry when it comes to your money! When customers are traveling abroad, they receive in-app advice on whether to withdraw cash with or without currency conversions – so that they will never again have to pay too much. Services like these pay off: recent customer research by Kantar suggests that Knab exceeds already-high brand expectations on measures of consumer experience. This suggests that Knab can attract new users by talking up their brand culture even more highly via marketing and communications: once consumers see Knab for themselves, they won’t be let down.