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Company: Unilever Plc

Brand value: US$4,872 million

Change since 2019: 4%

Headquarter city: Heilbronn

Category: Food

Year formed: 1838

Knorr is a global food brand best known for its mealmaker products, pasta sauces, soups and bouillons, promising to help make it easy to cook tasty meals. It regularly launches new products and flavors to maintain consumer interest, and in recent years has been gradually building up its popular “Naturally Tasty” line, which launched in 2015 with mealmaker variants and now extends to over 20 mealmakers, plus salad dressings, soups, sauces and ketchup. In the past year, Knorr has used its communications to focus on both the purpose of the brand and the attributes of the products, offering sustainable nutrition and versatile, tasty nourishment. Knorr’s Mein Würzgeheimmins (spices) range, launched in 2018, emphasized the brands’ flavor credentials and remained an important part of the communications in 2019. Taglines in use across the range include “Taste with a good feeling”, “Cooking with passion”, and “Taste the world”.