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LatAm 2015: BRAZIL | TOP 50 BRANDS | 31-40

Embraer is the third largest commercial aviation company in the world.

Embraer was created in 1969 as an initiative of the Brazilian government in a strategic project to establish the aviation industry in the country. Privatized in 1994, the company designs, develops, manufactures and markets systems and aircrafts. Its core business is the business segment of Commercial Aviation, Executive Aviation, and Defense & Security Systems.

It has factories and offices in various parts of the world and more than 5,000 aircraft delivered on all continents. Today it is one of the leading aerospace exporters in the world. 

Localiza operates the largest car rental network in Brazil.

Localiza began its rental operations in 1973, with six used and financed Volkswagen Beetles in the city
of Belo Horizonte. Today it has 560 branches in 243 cities throughout Brazil and eight other countries in Latin America. The expansion beyond Brazil was made possible by the franchising of Localiza’s branches. Its total fleet is over 118,000 cars. Localiza also offers commercial leasing and used car sales. 

Lojas Renner is Brazil’s largest apparel retailer.

Having expanded rapidly following a public offering
in 2005, Lojas Renner now operates around 260 stores all over Brazil. The organization began in 1912
as AJ Renner, a retailer specializing in outdoor gear
for gauchos in rural areas. The style became popular with city customers. The company transformed into
a department store retailer, with an expanded range, during the 1940s. It was renamed Lojas Renner in 1965 and became publicly traded in 1967. 

OdontoPrev is the largest dental benefits company in Brazil, with over five million members.

The organization develops dental plans for corporate, institutional and not-for-profit clients. The OdontoPrev network includes approximately 25,000 certified dentists of which approximately 16,000 are specialists and post-graduates, located in more than 2,000 cities throughout Brazil. To reach people in the underserved rising middle class, OdontoPrev recently launched an initiative to sell dental plans directly to consumers. 

Magazine Luiza is one of Brazil’s largest appliance retailers.

The chain focuses on serving the nation’s low-to-middle income consumers. It employs more than 24,000 people and operates a network of 736 stores. These stores are located in 16 Brazilian states and supported by a network of eight distribution centers.

Magazine Luiza was one of the first companies to adopt the multichannel approach to retail. Brazil’s second largest online retailer, it is also an innovator in the use of social media to drive online sales, which grew 40 percent last year and now account for 11 percent of total company sales. 

Esta?cio is one of Brazil’s largest private-sector post- secondary groups, in terms of student numbers.

With a strong presence across most of Brazil, Estacio has more than 500,000 students distributed in university centers and colleges. There are more than 5,000 teachers offering post-graduate courses, undergraduate and other educational courses. It is also well known for offering Summer Courses open to the community in the months of July and January. 

GVT is one of the country’s three most recognized brands in the segment of fixed line and pay TV.

Present in Brazil since 2000, Global Village Telecom (GVT) was originally a subsidiary of a Dutch company with the same name and the American companies ComTech Communications Technologies and RSL. In 2009 GVT was sold to Vivendi, a French media group. Three years ago GVT was sold to Telefo?nica.

GVT’s offering spans high speed internet, pay TV, fixed line and telecom solutions for corporate enterprise. 

Drogasil is the fourth largest retail drugstore by sales revenue in Brazil and has 578 stores throughout northeast, southeast and midwest regions.

The company has been a retailer of pharmaceutical healthcare, skin care and personal care products
for the past 75 years. Today it operates more than 280 stores in five Brazilian states and more than 75 cities. In 2011, DrogaRaia and Drogasil merged to become Raia Drogasil S.A., the largest company in the pharmaceutical retail segment in Brazil. 

Taeq offers a varied range of healthy products. Currently, the TAEQ brand is divided into segments covering nutrition, organic, sports and beauty.

Created in 2006, Taeq is an own-brand of the supermarket network Pa?o de Ac?u?car Group. Research commissioned by the Group identified a type of consumer looking to lead a healthier life. These findings prompted the creation of a brand focused on wellbeing, health and quality of life: Taeq. (The name comes from the Eastern words “TAO” (path, balance) and “EKI” (vital energy).


BomPrec?o, a Walmart Brasil brand, is a traditional supermarket chain known for quality, convenience and low prices.

The first BomPrec?o supermarket began in 1966 in a small warehouse within the Brazilian northeast. It has since grown to become one of the largest supermarket chains in that region.

The input of its parent company, the major North American retail chain WalMart, has enabled the technological modernization and the expansion of the BomPreco network to 61 stores.