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The value distribution by country in the BrandZTM Top 50 Most Valuable Latin American Brands 2015 was a repeat of what happened in 2014: Mexico dominated the ranking, growing from 33% to 37% share. Brazil remained in second position, with a steady contribution of 24%.

  1. Mexico grew its contribution to the BrandZTM Top 50 Most Valuable Latin American Brands 2015 for the third consecutive year, from 33% to 37%. The categories Beer, Food & Personal Care, Financial Institutions and Services – which combined value grew 15%, led this growth. It is a combination of solid financial performance with an increase in the perception of consumers in that market.
  2. Brazil maintained its contribution to the BrandZTM Top 50 LatAm at 24%. The country performed well in the categories Beer, Food & Personal Care and Financial Institutions, but this was neutralized by the weak performance in the B2B category that is mainly represented by the oil company Petrobras (decreased in 75%), which suffered with corruption and operational problems in 2014. 
  3. Chile, with a portfolio of BrandZTM Top 50 LatAm based in Retail, decreased from 20% to 15% from  2014 to 2015. This industry, which comprises 9 brands in the Top 15 Chilean ranking and represents almost 60% of the Chilean ranking, dropped 17%. A more detailed analysis of this variation showed that Financial Market Capitalization decreased 22.8%. Apparently, a strong brand helps companies to reduce the impact of financial valuations within the crisis context. 
  4. Colombia, the fourth on the list,  dropped from 16% to 15% due to a decrease in value from an important brand, Ecopetrol. On the other hand, Financial Institutions, the main category in the country, increased by 3%.