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  1. Even in a crisis context, companies that have strong brands were more valuable than the average of the market: BrandZTM Top 50 LatAm portfolio increased 2% in USD, while almost all economic indices such as GDP, Country risk and Company’s Market capitalization showed a substantial decrease.
  2. Most popular brands and local icons in the Latin American region like Skol (Brazilian Beer), Telcel (Mexican Communication Provider), Bradesco (Brazilian Bank), Bancolombia (Colombian Bank), Falabella (Chilean Retail) and Televisa (Mexican Communication Provider) are examples of brand strategies focused on the massive middle class and low-end population, exploring emotional attributes that are heavily associated with local needs.
  3. According to The Economist magazine, in Europe the foreign commerce flow inside the European bloc is almost 72%, while in the Latin American region it is less than 30%. This is one reason why the BrandZTM Top 50 Most Valuable Latin American Brands 2015 has predominantly local brands. However, this situation represents a great opportunity for local brands to expand their operations overseas, breaking geographical and cultural barriers. Corona (Mexican Beer), Falabella (Chilean Retail), Claro (Latin American Communication Provider) and Itau? (Brazilian Bank) are good examples of this movement.
  4. The Financial Institution category had the most impressive performance in the ranking, growing 18% from 2014 to 2015. The Brazilian financial market showed a significant recovery with the M&A operations, which favored the perception of the current players, together with the reduction in the credit costs of the Stated-Owned Enterprises (SOE) banks, mainly Banco do Brasil and Caixa Econo?mica Federal. Another outstanding performance was Bancolombia, which increased its value by 16% in the period. The bad news in the category came from the Chilean banks, due to the economic instability of the country.