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The category has been the main contributor to the BrandZTM Top 50 LatAm for the third consecutive year, representing 35% of the total value in 2015 (against 33% in 2014). Beer, the main sub-category, represented 82% of the category in 2015, against 78% in the previous year. Brazil, the main contributor in the sub-category Beer with participation of 42%, grew 25% in brand value, followed by Mexico, with participation of 35% and 15% growth. This good performance is once again justified by the capital markets’ financial performance of the owners of the beer brands of these countries (Anheuser Busch, Grupo Modelo and Heineken). The segment has benefited from the boost in consumption of popular brands in the region. According to Euromonitor, since 2008 the consumption of beer in Latin America has increased by 6% per year.


The Financial Institutions category enhanced its contribution to the BrandZTM Top 50 LatAm, from 22% in 2014 to 25% in 2015. In terms of brand value, the category had the largest growth in the ranking (18%). All the countries that make up the category showed growth in brand value.

Brazil became the leader of the Financial Institutions category, with a participation of 34% (30% in 2014), a 41% growth in terms of brand value. Part of this increase is because this is the first time that BTG Pactual is on the list. Also, we could see the results from a consolidation in this market (mergers that happened in 2010-2013) and also some recovery of spreads caused by SOE (Stated- Owned Enterprises) banks (Banco do Brasil and Caixa) in 2012/2013.

Colombia, the second largest in the category, saw its participation decreasing from 39% in 2014 to 33% in 2015. However, the brand value of Financial Institutions in Colombia increased 3% in the period.

Both Mexico and Peru had a growth in share in the category (from 20% to 21% and from 10% to 11%, respectively). Mexico grew 32% and Peru 28% in brand value. 


This category, which showed the highest growth in 2014 (14%), decreased 15% in 2015.

Chile, one of most mature retail markets in the region, showed a weak performance in its brands Falabella and Sodimac – the Top 2 most valuable brands in the country. These decreased 23% and 24%, respectively.

In Brazil the retail segment as a whole had in 2014 the worst performance in the last 11 years: it increased 2.2% in 2014 in comparison to 2013 as a reflection of the crisis and a complete review of the hypermarket model. Cash&Carry model retailers like Atacada?o and Assai have gained substantial market share compared to hypermarkets format.


The Service category (which had a 4% fall in 2014) increased 11% in 2015, despite the decrease of Claro (LatAm communication Provider, -12%) and LAN (Chilean Airline, -22%). It benefited mainly from the Mexican Communication Provider brands Telcel, Televisa and Telmex – the Top 3 of the category – which grew 16%, 22% and 15%, respectively. The good performance of these three Mexican brands was mainly due to financial reasons.


B2B showed again the worst performance in 2015, a 34% fall (-19% in 2014), mainly dominated by the subcategory Energy/Oil, which decreased 44% due to the fall in the commodity’s price, exchange rate depreciation and problems in terms of corporate governance. The Mexican cement company Cemex had an 11% growth, which compensated for part of this fall.