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There is no doubt that the challenges today’s brands face in order to generate value for shareholders are more and more intense, especially as functional differentiation is increasingly reduced by the existence of technology and information as commodities. However, strong brands leave a mark, and this mark carries the imprint of those working on the brand: the marketing and agency team.

In the past ten years, media agencies have undergone an interesting transformation, integrating specialized areas and profiles to complement traditional analysis and media planning. This is aimed at enhancing the strategic nature of the service, emphasizing data and digital media. Years ago, the role of media agencies was mainly to maximize the reach of the brand’s message in paid media, sometimes adding a few innovative ideas on media use. What was important was to maximize the number of people exposed to a brand’s message at the lowest possible cost. The impact achieved by any innovation in the use of media came second.


Today, this equation has changed: although it is true that maximizing the message’s reach secures brand presence and relevance, impact and powerful ideas of enhancement strengthen the bonding between brands and consumers. Today, this is what generates value and continuity.

By impact and powerful ideas, we do not mean TV and radio adverts, but what we call “actionable ideas”. Based on the interpretation of consumers’ real time data, the market, and competitors, as well as on predictions around the events and/or content that can be related to the brand, we develop specific actions that are then enhanced through paid media, both owned and earned. Formerly, a brand scheduled 8-10 activities in a year. Today, they have a plan with 30-40 activities in a year. Brands’ dynamism ensures their permanence in consumers’ preferences, but demands a more efficient investment.

This is why media agencies’ teams are evolving from being characteristically analytical to become ‘curiositycal’. Today, collecting and reading data is not enough: we need to understand them, identify patterns, associate them with opportunities, develop relevant content, and finally create powerful ideas based on all of these. Today, social listening, big data, and market content enable agencies to deliver ideas to brands in real time, ideas that will then add more value.

This is becoming more and more relevant. It is no coincidence that some Cannes awards were granted to media, nor that different and comprehensive agencies are emerging globally. Rather, this shows that the current ecosystem is being redefined on the basis of the convergence of all these media elements. 

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