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The economic and political crisis that have recently plagued the Latin America, with consequent reflection in the exchange rate in the Latin American region - which devaluated 29% in average, affected the performance of the BrandZ ™ Top 50 Most Valuable Latin American Brands in 2017: the total value of the Top 50 decreased 22% in comparison to the previous year (from US$ 131.9 to USD 103.4b).

This year 36 brands decreased in value and only 6 increased (8 are newcomers), what reveals this crisis scenario in the region.

However, looking at the Top 10 the variation was -14%, less than the variation of the Top 50, what demonstrates that more valuable and strong brands can better face long periods of crisis.

The Top 5 positions

Skol, the Brazilian beer (AB Inbev Group), is the most valuable Latin America brand for the second consecutive year in the Latam ranking. The brand has also been the most valuable Brazilian brand for the fourth consecutive year.

Skol has continued with its positioning strategy focused on the young people (the brand has “young soul”, according to its marketing department), being present in the most important music festivals for this audience in the country. Skol has been creative to present your brand to the young people, who change their wishes day by day. One example of this strategy is Skol Ultra, a beer with less calories and less alcoholic content, destined for people who practice physical exercises and aim to a healthier beer.

The other four brands on the Top 5 positions were Corona (Beer – Mexico), Telcel (Communication Providers – Mexico), Falabella (Retail – Chile) and Televisa (Communication Providers – Mexico), repeating what was observed in the last year, when the segments beer, communication providers and retail dominated the Top 5.

Top 10 most valuable brands

The Top 10 positions were represented by the segments beer, communication providers and retail as well, and again beer dominated this ranking, with five brands in this ranking for the fourth consecutive year.

The total five beer brands together dropped 9% in value from 2015 to 2017, less than the 14% decrease of the total Top 10 in the period.




In 2017 the BrandZ ™ Top 50 Latin American ranking had eight new entrants:



Mexico dominated this ranking, with the two most valuable brands from this newcomer ranking.