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LatAm Argentina The Secrets of Local Brand Value

In this new ranking of Argentina’s most valuable brands, YPF takes first place once again, followed by Personal, which has climbed up in the ranking, and then Quilmes.

Evidently, YPF is an exemplar for the other fuel brands, not least for the way it has forged a strong emotional bond with consumers. This is because it is a brand with a long track record. Founded in 1922, it has created a significant number of jobs (46,000 today) from its exploration and exploitation to distribution, sales and products made from oil. YPF’s activity has boosted the development of cities in the south of the country, such as Comodoro Rivadavia, Las Heras, Caleta Olivia and Plaza Huincul, making the enterprise highly important to the local economy development.

During the 90’s, like many other state companies, YPF was privatized, and most of its share belonged to Repsol, a Spanish company. In April 2012, the president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner introduced a bill that saw the State take over the company; the main reason stated was the strong reduction in oil reserves as a consequence of reduced exploration activity. Currently, the Argentine State owns 51% of the patrimony and an oilfield, Vaca Muerta. This has generated high expectations thanks to its potential for obtaining gas and oil resources, which may ultimately see Argentina’s current reserves multiply by 10.

YPF has also had heavy ad investment and was the Official Sponsor of Argentina’s football team during the 2014 FIFA World Cup, focusing on Argentine patriotism and the pride in the National team.

Following YPF in the BrandZ ranking, we find Personal (within the mobile phone market), plus Telecom Argentina (telephone service) in fourth place, both brands belonging to the Telecom Argentina group. Personal has an important share in a very competitive scenario, with devices, plans and strong promotional activity that bring the brand closer to young people – the Personal Fest, for example, is an event it has been organizing for ten years.

Quilmes is a leading beer brand in a market developing alternatives flavours, thus creating a very competitive category. The brand has a strong presence in the consumer’s repertoire, and is often the first choice. It also creates a clear differentiation by setting trends in which its successful ads play a leading role – Quilmes owns the concept of “meeting”, of “enjoying fun moments with friends”. This is one of the brand’s biggest achievements, with consistency over time and a differentiated message within a market where other important players are also heavily investing in advertising.

In the banking category, Banco Galicia is one of the biggest advertising presences, along with Santander Río and Banco Francés. The “couple of Banco Galicia” has gone beyond the usual ad campaign reach, being an activity format which catches the consumer’s attention and conveys clearly its “quiero” benefits program, which allows clients to use the accumulated points when, where and how they want. 

Martín Schijvarg

Account Director, Millward Brown Argentina