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LatAm Sector Analysis

Beer, Bakery, Food & Personal Care

This is the leading segment in value contribution in the BrandZ™ Top 50 Most Valuable Latin American Brand Ranking 2013, with a strong increase of 73%. Within this category, beer is the main sub-segment, representing 76%, with growth driven by Mexican and Brazilian beer (the Brazilian beer brand Brahma had the strongest growth in the region, 61%).

The success of the beer sub-segment is driven by the capital markets’ financial performance of the organizations that own the brands, such as Anheuser Busch, SAB Miller, Grupo Modelo and CCU, which has been sustained by the beer brands’ positioning and equities. However, the strong performance is a direct result not only of proper management, but also an increase in consumption and of brand contribution.

B2B (Energy/Oil, Mining & Cement)

This category showed a decrease of 25%. The drop was predominantly seen across Petrobras, YPF and Vale, due to falls in the commodity’s value and exchange rate.


This category saw an increase of 5%. Falabella and Sodimac (Chile) represent 39% of the category and saw 7% growth. Liverpool (Mexico), the fourth in the category, had the highest growth (79%).

Services (Communication Providers & Airlines)

The biggest category fall, at 31%. Dominated by communication providers, Telcel (Mexico), this – the first brand in the ranking for this sector – saw a decrease of 22%.

Financial Institutions (Banks & Insurances)

A fall of 8%, the biggest drop being seen in Brazilian and Colombian banks. Despite this decrease, financial institutions still account for 23% of the total value.