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Leaders drive volume, command premium

Brand Contribution

Leaders drive volume, command premium

Chinese newcomer TikTok tops the ranking

The BrandZ™ Brand Contribution metric assesses the extent to which brand alone, independent of price or market factors, drives consumer purchasing and enables a brand to command a price premium. Brands that score well in Brand Contribution are viewed positively by consumers.

Significantly, the list of the Brand Contribution leaders varies minimally year-on-year, indicating the resilience of brand strength regardless of market volatility. Brands in certain categories— luxury, for example—have higher brand contribution because of the importance of brand across the entire category. Of the BrandZ™ Brand Contribution Top 15 in 2020, five brands are in the luxury category and five are in the beer category.

Also significant is the appearance of a brand from a category that does not as typically appear in the Brand Contribution Top 15—entertainment. TikTok, the Chinese short-form video, a newcomer to the BrandZ™ Global Top 100 this year, ranks No. 1 in Brand Contribution.

TikTok’s achievement indicates the power of a brand that quickly grew from popularity in China into a worldwide phenomenon, and it reflects the growth of mobile entertainment. In addition, TikTok illustrates that relatively new brands, as well as those with long legacies, can achieve high Brand Contribution.

Brand Contribution is expressed on a scale of one to five, five being highest.