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Let's make a deal

Alessia Vitali

Head of Planning

OgilvyOne & Geometry


There was a time when brands were fully focused on grabbing everything they could from consumers: their attention, money, consideration, preference, time, and data.

Those days are gone, as the contemporary consumer, empowered by the digital world - so more aware, more conscious, and more selective - is no longer willing to give without receiving. Value has become the "new black" for those who lived through the economic downturn; many Italian consumers are still living through tough and uncertain times.

Today, it is imperative for brands to offer a crystal-clear "give and take" pact when they seek to relate to consumers - so that the terms of exchange are transparent. They must also ask themselves the question: why should consumers care about the brand? Brands must apply these two golden rules if they are to truly connect with people today.