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Leveraging music to drive an emotional connection

Stacy Amarelo

Vice President, Client Leadership

Kantar, Insights Division


Leveraging music to drive an emotional connection

Emotions drive stronger brand connections, and brands with higher affinity are stronger and more meaningfully different. That’s why some advertising purposefully aims to strengthen and build greater emotional connections with consumers.

So, how can we do this? There are many ways in which ads can generate strong emotional engagement, but music can be an especially strong enhancement. While including music in an ad does not automatically guarantee success, if used correctly, it can affect every aspect of an ad’s performance.  Music has many roles. It can gain attention and create a mood and tone; it can also be used to punctuate and build involvements through volume and pace.

Whether the music is well-known or an original jingle, upbeat or laid back, a focal point or supporting element, all can have a powerful effect on the ad itself. The more connected and integral the music is to the message and overall story, the better success it will having in driving an emotional connection. Canadian brands that do this well are Canadian Tire and Cineplex, both of which exhibit exceptionally strong affinity from consumers.