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Company: Lidl Stiftung & Co KG

Brand value: US$8,178 million

Headquarter city: Neckarsulm

Industry: Retail

Year formed: 1973


Lidl entered retailing in 1973 with its first store opening in Ludwigshafen. It has since grown into one of the top three supermarket chains in Germany and now has a presence in more than 20 countries, with 10,000 stores globally. Lidl has taken the discount supermarket model to the world, with a primary focus on everyday food items but also a range of sports goods, homewares, and themed weekly promotions. Budget private label products account for the majority of the Lidl range, but the premium private label line Deluxe has been expanding, and Lidl does stock some well-known brands, often at promotional prices. The brand has been modernizing and improving German stores to make them more appealing, but has found limited growth at home and has instead focused on expansion; there are plans to open stores in Australia. Online sales are mainly limited to non-grocery items. Some food lines have gradually been added, but fresh foods are not yet sold online. Lidl is one of Germany's largest advertisers and its claim is: “Lidl lohnt sich”, or “Lidl pays off”. In 2017, communications added the promise “Mehr Freude für alle” or "More joy for all", alongside its long-standing claim to offer the best quality at the best price. Model Heidi Klum was at the heart of an Instagram campaign to highlight her line of clothing for Lidl, with her #letswow hashtag achieving a wide following. Lidl has been engaged in a funny ad battle with rival EDEKA, both using similar themes in ads to outdo each other. Lidl also made the most of a poster installation error that reversed the message “You have the choice” (between private label and branded goods) which made it sound like Star Wars character Yoda was speaking. The ad was widely shared online, prompting Lidl to release deliberately reversed ads with the message “Not just for Yoda”. Lidl is privately owned.