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Company: Unilever PLC

Brand value: US$8,185 million

Headquarter city:

Industry: Soft drinks

Year formed: 1890


Lipton’s worldwide success can be seen through the widespread recognition of its distinctive yellow label, and the brand claims that its global market share is nearly three times the size of its competitors, selling in more than 110 countries. As well as its traditional black tea teabags, Lipton also has a range of fruity and herbal teas, green tea, and ready-to-drink and powdered iced teas. In the UK, product innovations and the rise of a range of high-end and boutique tea brands have helped make tea drinking more fashionable in recent years. Lipton advertising tends to be light-hearted, with messages such as “Be More Tea”, featuring brand ambassadors such as actor Hugh Jackman and The Muppets. The brand is also part of Unilever’s push towards building a more sustainable business, and its “Drink Positive” campaign is linked to the Rainforest Alliance and its support for tea growers. In 2016, Lipton in the UK moved away from its traditional mainstay, television advertising, to launch a mobile-first campaign, #BeAMaker, which tells stories of the brand’s young tea growers in Kenya, with content ranging from three-second gifs to 15-second videos for Facebook and YouTube. The move is aimed at reaching a younger audience with a more human message that highlights ethical behaviour. Lipton is made by Pepsi Lipton International, a company jointly owned by Unilever and PepsiCo. PepsiCo is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and Unilever on the both the London Stock Exchange and the NYSE.