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Looking beyond Jakarta


Adji Saputro

Account Manager

Kantar Millward Brown



For Indonesians, ‘Diversity in unity’ is our motto, and this rule of thumb holds true for advertising here. We can apply universal learnings on how to build great ads, such as hooking the audience with a great story, and making the ad easy to understand, to provide the over-arching themes that need to be present in an ad for this market. But we must also factor in diversity when it comes to really connecting with the Indonesian consumer. Most advertisers tend to focus on Jakarta, widely considered the nation’s melting pot, as the benchmark target in creative ad development. But recent Kantar Millward Brown research shows that different parts of Indonesia tend to have different approaches in how they regard TV advertising. For instance, consumers in Jakarta mostly view advertising as a source of information; they scrutinize an ad and process it based on facts delivered in the story. Meanwhile, Surabaya consumers are looking more to be entertained by advertising, attempting to find key moments in stories within an ad that links back to them emotionally. What this means is that advertisers have to be prepared to think in diverse ways if they wish to connect deeply with the audience; that means moving beyond Jakarta and developing a creative message with Indonesian diversity in mind.