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Make Connections to Earn Trust

Giovanni Rainoldi
Senior Client Executive
Communication Expert and Kantar Millennial lab member

Make Connections to Earn Trust

Trust has been always a crucial area of focus for brands, but the concept of trust keeps evolving. Today, we deal with increasingly sceptical consumers looking at products, brands and communications (Kantar’s Connected Life study shows that only around 20 percent of Italian people trust global brands). And Millennials and Centennial generations are even less loyal and trusting than average.

So, how should our brands earn the trust of today’s consumers? Trust is the result of multiple complex factors, but we can reasonably say that the concepts of connection and closeness play a crucial role in this area. We can trust only when a connection is made, and a relationship established between us and our audience. And these connections are themselves the result of the multiple interactions with a product or a brand.

Interactions lead to successful relationships when a brand behaves in a coherent and consistent way, when it behaves in a human way (listening as well as talking), and when it treats consumers as equals. But beware, in the Millennial Era, nothing lasts forever. Relationships and the rules around them need to be constantly nourished.