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Making data count

Fides Tosoni

Chief Digital Transformation Officer

& Executive Chairman [m]PLATFORM

GroupM Italy


Digital disruption requires media agencies to take on a new role - as data managers and technology enablers - to allow their clients to truly and deeply know and relate to their consumers. New technologies and megatrends in consumer behavior are turning marketing communication into an ever-more-powerful strategic lever for brands. In this new scenario, access to a vast amount of data, and mastery of new technologies, is crucial to understanding and building stronger relationships with consumers.

Agencies need to combine hundreds of different sources of data, both online and offline, to be able to trace and reach the right target, at the right moment, across all media. They must provide a source of knowledge that, combined with machine learning, makes marketing both addressable and accountable.

GroupM's recent launch of [m]PLATFORM is a powerful and effective way brands can access such a combination of data, technology, and expertise, enabling them to achieve global audience addressability and accountability across all media.

Data holds the key to understanding and connecting with consumers, but requires technology and expertise to be fully exploited.