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Joel Cheong

Analyst, APAC

Kantar Futures



Pride in the nation’s heritage and culture runs deep within the identity of the Indonesian people. But whilst the country continues to progress economically, both domestically and globally, there is rising concern that this progress may come at the expense of preserving, and indeed enabling, what is a diverse and rich heritage.


Although it is a potential source of tension, the marriage of heritage and progress actually presents a powerful and distinct opportunity for businesses and brands, particularly as technological platforms are increasingly able to drive foundational change throughout the country.


Entrepreneurial brands who can tap into the confluence of consumers’ desire to buy local and perpetuate Indonesian heritage, and at the same time their desire for progress to support productivity, are seeing great success.


Growth can come more readily to other brands who also invest in connecting authentically and effectively, and whose activities are underpinned by a sense of purpose: working with and towards a greater Indonesia.