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Mastering the digital yin and yang

Claudia Gelbe

Client Director

Kantar Millward Brown



A watchful eye across all consumer touchpoints is essential for brand success, since every moment in which a consumer encounters a brand has an impact on the brand’s image, and consequently affects brand value. This applies equally to the emotional brand campaign and annoying performance banners.

We know that online banners are barely touched – only 0.3 percent are clicked on – and that there is no correlation between clicks and better advertising awareness. Through click rates alone, we cannot predict the impact of a campaign on a brand.

To measure the impact of digital campaigns, consider also tracking brand equity metrics. Brand KPI’s are not only a fantastic cross channel equalizer, but also ensure the measurement of long term brand success.

The need for uniform and cross-platform measurement is a clear concern of the entire marketing and digital industry. So far, however, silo thinking has dominated the world of social media platforms, agencies, and publishers.

Brands and their partners must strive to balance the yin and yang of performance and branding.