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Company: McDonald's Corp

Brand Value: $110,266 Million

Headquarters: Oak Brook, IL

Category: Fast food

Year formed: 1955


McDonald’s is a fast food chain known worldwide for its speedy service, golden arches, and diverse menu items. The brand traces its roots to a barbecue restaurant opened in 1940 by Richard and Maurice McDonald. In 1948, they changed to hamburgers and adopted the assembly line model of food preparation pioneered by White Castle. In 1955, McDonald’s was purchased and reinvented as a franchise company by Ray Kroc. Since then the brand has relied heavily on advertising to drive sales and perception, including its instantly recognizable mascot Ronald McDonald. Its longtime slogan “I’m lovin’ it” slogan has been localized into many markets and languages. Today, the brand has more than 36,000 restaurants across 100 countries, and served 69 million customers daily in 2016. Nearly 75% of the population in its top markets lives 3 miles from a McDonald’s restaurant. In recent years, McDonald’s has responded to changing public tastes by promoting healthier items, such as salads and oatmeal, as well as sourcing fresher products. Its menus vary somewhat based on location to reflect regional tastes. It is also shaking up its digital efforts, with self-ordering, a mobile app, and food delivery in some markets.