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Meaningful Difference is root of Brand Power

Since Brand Power is important as a driver of sales and brand value, the logical question is, what drives it? The answer is Meaningful Difference. Brand Power is a composite of three factors: Meaning, Difference, and Salience.


Brands need to be seen by their relevant consumers as Meaningful—meeting the consumer’s functional and emotional needs in ways that are relevant and create affinity. Consumers are unlikely to consider a brand unless it is perceived as Meaningful. Once they have positively connected with consumers, brands need to stand out from other brands that also have built affinity.


Brands need to create a sense of Difference. They need to be seen by consumers as distinctive, even trend-setting. Difference gives brands their competitive edge. Finally, once brands achieve Meaningful Difference, they need to “amplify” it—by advertising, social media, retail shelf position, and other tactics—to become top of mind, or Salient.





Meaningful Difference drives Brand Power

Meaningful Difference drives Brand Power. It is a key to brand success.