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Media habits on the move

Media habits on the move

Marcus Gault
Managing Director of Media, Agency, & Rights Holders
Kantar Media

Connected consumers’ media habits are changing the way they look at advertising. We carried out a study in five major world markets to gauge both the attitudes of consumers and the thoughts of media industry leaders. The key findings of the Dimension study in the UK are:

  • Consumers have an ambiguous relationship with advertising. Only a fifth of consumers are prepared to provide data about themselves in return for being served with ads that are more relevant to them. In addition, just 26 percent feel they are already seeing an increasing number of relevant ads.
  • Ad blocking remains cause for concern – for advertisers. This is not just a phenomenon among the young: 26 percent of 18-34s use ad-blocking software, compared to 22 percent of 45-64s. Why do they block? 57 percent cite a lack of relevance.

* Indirect advertising has real power. 71 percent of Brits see non-direct advertising (such as sponsorship and editorial coverage) as still being advertising; 33 percent believe positive news and articles in print will positively influence their perception of a brand that is receiving negative publicity.

  • Evolving tech is changing habits. Already, 56 percent of people use a music streaming service and 53 percent play video games online. In addition, 12 percent use smart speakers to listen to music – evidence of the growing trend in voice-activated and related technologies.

To find out more, visit: www.kantarmedia.com/dimension