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Parent Company: Meiji Holdings Co. Ltd.

Brand value: $727 million

Headquarter city: Tokyo

Industry: Food

Year formed: 1916

Originally founded as a confectioner in 1916, Meiji also began making pharmaceutical products in 1946, and today sells a variety of confectionary, dairy, supplement, and over-the-counter pharmaceutical products. A top 5 global confectionary company, Meiji is best known and loved worldwide for its chocolates, which historically have ranged from first-in-its class innovations like marble chocolate and Hello Panda treats, to newer premium offerings launched in 2014. In Japan, Meiji was responsible for a number of landmarks and firsts in the food and drink space – for instance, launching the country’s first plain yogurt in 1971, or pioneering its “Meltykiss” form of chocolate treat; indeed, it is the leading Japanese producer of both chocolate and yogurt. The vision uniting Meiji’s varied “Food and Health” offerings is a commitment to widening the world of “Tastiness and Enjoyment” while also providing consumers with “Health and Reassurance.” The company employs over 16,000 people worldwide (with expansion pushes underway in ASEAN, the US, and China) and booked more than ¥1,240 billion in sales in 2018. Sponsorships include the upcoming Tokyo Olympics, and CSR programs focus on improving traceability for ingredients like palm oil, as well as promoting healthy living. Meiji Holdings Co. Ltd is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.