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Brand value: US$23,587 million

Headquarter city: Stuttgart

Category:  Cars

Year formed: 1883


Mercedes-Benz has grown into one of the world’s most widely recognized premium carmakers. It is best known for its S-Class luxury sedan and other luxury cars, but also produces buses, coaches and trucks. It has long been known for its high standards of quality and for developing innovative technology, such as airbags in the 1980s. The brand’s pride in its commitment to quality was evident in its “The best or nothing” campaign, launched in 2010. More recent developments include a pledge to produce to electric vehicles, to be marketed under the EQ sub-brand, and the launch in 2017 of the first Mercedes-Benz pickup, the X-Class, presented as "the first of a new species". Mercedes uses high-profile celebrity ambassadors in its advertising, including Franz Beckenbauer, Kate Upton and Roger Federer. It also sponsors the German national football team, the Bundesliga club VfB Stuttgart, and events in golf, horse-riding, tennis, and sailing. Mercedes-Benz is highly successful in motorsports; its Formula 1 team has won the championship for the past several years, and it is also active in Formula 3, touring car racing and GT3. Mercedes has long been a partner of international fashion events and Berlin Fashion Week, linking the style and design of fashion with that of high-end automobiles. The brand is a heavy user of social media as well as traditional channels, with Instagram key to the sharing of creative content, user-generated content, and cooperation with online influencers. The “Grow up” campaign targets young drivers with ads for compact models in the Mercedes range and features US rapper ASAP Rocky. Parent company Daimler is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and is in the EUROSTOXX 50 index.