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Millennials like fluidity

Sandeep Dutta

Vice President



Millennials like fluidity. But they also crave stability!

Today’s Millennials are open to anything and everything. They love their chicken biryani, but also enjoy vegetarian khow suey. They love the mango shakes that their moms make at home, but in hip cafes they can be seen sipping kombucha. They love clubbing, but they also like to meditate. They listen to Justin Bieber and dance to Badshah. They crave everything global yet also want to be more local. They thrive on fluidity but also find solace in continuity. Never before has a generation been so exposed to multiple cultures, and perhaps never before has there been such a yearning to stick to one’s roots.

For the “This and That” generation, stability means seeking comfort in things that are familiar and nostalgic, and that connect them to their families, communities, and culture. Sometime back I met a young Indian man living in the UK who claimed that his most loved brand was Colgate Dental Cream (the Indian version), which he regularly uses. The reason was that every morning, its taste and smell brought back memories of his childhood in India.

Millennials are a generation that aspires to wander and at the same wants to feel rooted. They look for brands that enable one or the other, or preferably both simultaneously. Stability is as sought after as exploration and escapades.