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Minimal contact, maximum value

Minimal contact, maximum value

Namrita Khurana

Account Manager

Genesis BCW


New norms set by consumers in these current times have caused brands to restructure to change, adapt and yet keep up their growth. There has been a shift in consumer mindsets and comfort zones. Consumers have reduced their radius, making it compulsory for marketers and advocacy professionals to step up their game.

The need of the hour? If you can’t get the consumer out, bring the experience in!

The industry has witnessed burgeoning brand visibility through At-Home as a concept. From DIY hair color makeovers and simplified beauty tutorials, to enhancing your cocktail-making skills with expert tips, marketers have played their cards right and spontaneously adapted to change, the better to ensure consistent brand recall across audiences.

With no set precedent to follow, and ever-dynamic consumer needs, the world of brands today must adapt to the new norms, which will inevitably challenge capabilities and ensure the survival of the fittest.