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Mahesh Agarwal

Executive Director

Kantar TNS


Leveraging moments for brand growth

Just a few years back, a brand manager could put most of their marketing money behind a TV campaign, then sit back and hope that it would all work out. However, with every passing day, this is becoming more and more difficult.

The key reason for this shift is the increasing diversion of media money into digital. Every marketer is exploring how to best spend their digital budget, and spends sleepless nights wondering whether it might just be money down the drain.

Content marketing seems to be one solution to this problem, and some advertising strategists swear by it. However, this raises other questions: what kind of content works, and how do you  make it relevant for digital media? The worst thing you can do is copy and paste the content created for TV into digital media. It simply does not work.

The answer to this is: make the content relevant to the moment of consumption. The advantage of digital media is that you can target a consumer anywhere (well, almost) and at any time, hence communicating in the moment is indeed possible.

With this perspective in mind, we at Kantar TNS started looking at how to identify the key moments of consumption – so that we could help marketers create a content/activation strategy around these moments. We spoke to 5,000-plus Indonesian consumers and identified 58 “moments of consumption” that could be targeted by marketers. Some moments are more relevant to one category than another, so brands can focus on the moments that are right for them.

I cannot detail all of our findings here, however I will take you through five key “moment” segments:

1/. “Enjoy togetherness” moments (36 percent of all moments) – Indonesia is the world’s most affiliative country, so it is no surprise that this is the nation’s biggest “moment”. There are several micro-moments within this segment. From extended family gatherings, to mothers hanging out at the school gates, it’s natural for Indonesians to reach out for a beverage or a snack during these moments. Are you able to tap into these moments? You can create sharing packs, multi-packs and special communications to be part of this togetherness. The idea is to focus on specific moments of togetherness and become associated with them.

2/. “Sustain the body” moments (20 percent) – Indonesians have the habit of constantly snacking. Most have something to eat or drink at arm’s length. The between-meal snack is a big consumption occasion, and roadside stalls (wartegs and warungs) are integral to Indonesian eating habits. There are also several specific moments, like “after waking up but before breakfast” and “late-night hunger”, when consumers are looking for nourishment and these moments can be targeted digitally. Are we activating our brands in these moments?

3/. “Keep the focus” moments (16 percent) – The Indonesian economy is growing and youngsters are under pressure to perform. There are moments which demand focus, like “late-night work” and “group study with friends”. These are very specific moments that justify their own content, supporting upcoming, ambitious young people and helping them to nurture a prosperous Indonesia. Are we capitalizing on moments of Indonesian pride?

4/. “Break the monotony” moments (15 percent) – Whether it’s on your two-hour commute to work or lazing around at home on a Sunday, the human spirit always looks for stimulation. Can we tap into this inherent human psychological need? Consumers are looking for content that can break the monotony, and people’s addiction to social media is one manifestation of their subconscious need for constant stimulation. Are we tapping into this need for stimulation, and at the right moments?

5/. “Celebrate life” moments (12 percent) – Finally, we all want to celebrate. For Indonesians, celebration means togetherness and sharing happiness with others. And celebration also means food. Alcohol has very low penetration in Indonesia, so a celebration could be karaoke with friends, and ready-to-drink tea. Are we part of their celebration? Are celebration codes embedded into the DNA of our brands?

This is just the tip of the Iceberg. Within each of these broad moment segments, there are innumerable micro-moments that brands can target and own. This might not have been possible even 10 years back. But as digital becomes more and more prominent in consumers’ lives, this is a great way to start nibbling into your competitors’ market share – moment by moment.