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Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley

Company: Morgan Stanley

Brand Value: $9,775 Million

Headquarters: New York, NY

Category: Banks

Year formed: 1935

In 1935, the Glass-Steagall Act prevented financial companies from having both commercial and investment banking arms. As a result, Henry S. Morgan, Harold Stanley, and others left JP Morgan & Co. to form the investment bank  Morgan Stanley. Since then, it has been offering financials services to professional investors and high net worth individuals, including investment banking, wealth management, and securities underwriting (notably, it underwrote Snap Inc.’s recent IPO). Morgan Stanley has not made itself well known to ordinary consumers through advertising but instead focuses on its core clientele. In the industry, it has a reputation as a human-centric, hands-on firm. It has recently increased its emphasis on content with its web homepage now usually leading with an intriguing story rather than a sales pitch. In July 2017, Morgan Stanley celebrated a strong quarter by increasing its dividend and announcing a stock buyback program.