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Company: Wm Morrison Supermarkets PLC

Brand value: US$1,916 million

Headquarter city: Bradford

Industry: Retail

Year formed: 1899


Morrisons is one of the so-called “Big Four” supermarkets in the UK, with a focus on food and grocery, along with other services such as photo printing, petrol stations, pharmacy, and garden centres. Its stores, which at first were primarily located in the north of England, have spread across the UK after its takeover of Safeway in 2004, making the total number of Morrisons stores grow to almost 500. Morrisons also offers online supermarket shopping, which can be accessed on their website or via their app. In 2016, Morrisons signed a partnership deal to collaborate with online retailer Amazon for the Amazon Pantry service. This offers next-day grocery delivery across the country, and to certain areas of London and Hertfordshire within one hour. The move is thought to have helped Morrisons to have its best Christmas season in seven years. Since Easter 2016, the brand has used the tagline “Morrisons Makes It” in its communications, focusing on the preparation of fresh food in its own facilities, which enables the business to closely monitor quality. Their ads also highlight Morrisons’ low prices compared to the competition, as well as the emotional links that people have with the food they eat.


In early 2017, Morrisons announced it planned to use more UK-based suppliers in light of climate change and political uncertainty; a report commissioned by the supermarket found that only a little over half of the food eaten in the UK came from local sources. They have also been looking to revive the Safeway convenience brand, given the growth of daily shopping in the UK at the expense of a big weekly shop. In June, a row over executive pay made headlines which consisted of more than half of shareholders refusing to back the proposed pay package of the supermarket’s most senior leaders. Morrisons’ only store outside of Great Britain is in Gibraltar. The company is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is constituent of the FTSE 100 index.