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Winning across multiple media 

Rizkia Ayu Ratnaningtyas
Research Executive
Kantar Millward Brown


Priscilla Christie Wijaya
Research Executive & Media and Digital
Kantar Millward Brown


“The Age of Distraction” best describes the media landscape today. New viewing patterns are emerging, as media options fragment and people multi-task and switch between channels. With more ads appearing in more places, many people are actively finding ways to avoid ads. This challenges us to engage in a smarter manner.

So, how to stand out in the clutter? Every winning campaign starts with an idea – one that resonates well with the target audience. Emotionally captivating content leaves a lasting impression, and consistent use of integrated cues across placements gives brands a better chance of breaking through the clutter. Humor, music, and the use of celebrities or characters help differentiate the best campaigns from the rest.

A presence in multiple channels undoubtedly enables a brand to reach a wider audience. But, when content is tailored to individual media channels, the impact of a campaign increases significantly; great integration goes beyond placing the same creative everywhere. For instance, online content is expected to have edgier, more purposeful content. Just taking the creative from a TV ad and using it in digital formats will be less effective than customized content made specifically for a digital channel. A consistent brand identity must be present throughout all creative, but content must be a perfect match for the medium.