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National Lottery

National Lottery


Brand value: US$1,422 million

Change since 2019: -17%

Headquarter city: Watford

Category: Gambling

Year formed: 1994

The National Lottery is one of the most popular forms of gambling in the UK, having paid out over £69 billion in prizes and created more than 5,100 millionaires since its launch. The brand has this year launched a new identity that puts the iconic “crossed fingers” image of the National Lottery in the logo of every game the brand offers. The move is part of parent company Camelot’s three-year “Life Changing” strategy to bring the brand’s purpose – “Making Extraordinary Happen to Everyone” – to life and raise awareness of the range of games available. The brand’s online Instant Win Games and Scratchcards have been united this year under the umbrella brand “GameStore” across both digital and retail channels, to make it easier for people to play and to strengthen the association in people’s minds between these games and The National Lottery.

A large proportion of ticket sales goes towards funding community projects and national sporting programmes, to the tune of over £33 million per week. The National Lottery has raised £300 million in funding to provide support relating to the COVID-19 pandemic.

 and people use this to improve their lives and communities. Every time a National Lottery ticket is purchased, money is donated to one of the 12 distributors of money, which fund projects and activities that transform communities, protect our heritage, and enrich lives through arts, sports and culture.  The strategic operating plan (2019- 2021) aims to make approximately 12,000 grants across the UK to the value of c£600 million through supporting ideas and projects that matter.  The National Lottery delivers over £33 million every week to Good Causes across the UK and has since raised £300M of funding for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Brand-led Vision – March 2020


Keith Moor, CMO of Camelot set a mission mission to dial up brand love for The National Lottery through a focus on purpose and passion. Parent company Camelot is in the middle of a three-year strategy, focused on dialling up the strength of The National Lottery brand and bringing its purpose to life by highlighting the good causes that benefit everything you play. The “nation’s favourite game” turned 25 last year and defined their purpose of ‘Making Extraordinary Happen for Everyone’ that manifests in a creative platform around ‘Amazing Starts Here’.

National Lottery launches next stage of 'Life Changing' journey with new brand identity

The refresh is the next stage of the strategy the company has adopted over the last 18 months to further underline its ‘Life Changing’ purpose and is a natural evolution of the ‘Play Makes It Possible’ campaign, which has been running since last summer. The new identity has been developed with international brand consultants, Wolff Olins, and puts the iconic National Lottery ‘crossed fingers’ – recognised by 95% of the UK adult population – at the heart of every game logo. This is designed to help raise consumer awareness of the full range of games offered by

Instant Wins promotion – 2020


Sustainability - The National Lottery Community Fund


This year marks the National Lottery’s 25th anniversary, and to celebrate, a content campaign including a series of mini-documentaries highlights some of the projects and causes that proceeds from ticket sales have helped to fund. A new National Lottery game, called Set for Life, has been launched in 2019, which provides an annuity rather than a lump sum as a prize. Winners receive up to £10,000 per month, every month, for 30 years. An advertising campaign for the new game urges gamblers to “make every month amazing”, showing how winners could live in long-term luxury. Keith Moor, formerly of the bank Santander has been appointed Camelot Chief Marketing Officer this year.

New info

‘Magic Numbers’ Campaign – Oct 2019

(25th Year November 2019)


National Lottery celebrated the 'magic numbers' it has achieved during 25-year through a film to show the £40bn that has been raised over a quarter of a century. Directed by Michael Gracey – the man behind The Greatest Showman, the campaign ad features Team GB Olympians and Paralympians, fronted by gold medal-winning Nicola Adams, rising artist Eva Lazarus, and the up-and-coming director Florence Keith-Roach, a great way to engage people.