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National treasures achieve world-class growth


National treasures achieve world-class growth


Welcome to our celebration of the brands in the 2019 BrandZ Top 50 Most Valuable French Brands ranking.


These brands are not just category leaders at home, they are in many cases global icons, which have come to represent the finest products, services and experiences in their sector from anywhere in the world.


The biggest brands in the Top 50 have, over the past 12 months, grown even bigger, contributing to a level of value growth in the French Top 50 on a par with some of the fastest-growing markets in the world. That’s quite an achievement in the current economic and political climate.


But there’s a cautionary tale here, too. Because while French brands are rising in value, they’re still lagging behind the leading brands in the rest of the world when it comes to innovation.


“Why does that matter?”, you might ask. Especially in a market so driven by heritage brands?


It matters because innovation is what ensures relevance. And while many of the brands that lead this Top 50 ranking are great innovators, around the world, there are other brands doing it better.


In an increasingly global market, that leaves French brands, their markets and their business models vulnerable.


There are disruptors, both here in France and abroad, who are rewriting the rules of engagement, raising consumers’ expectations, and winning investor backing.


Who’s innovating and – by implication – who’s not is therefore a key area of focus in this report. We also look at the factors that go towards making a brand appear innovative to consumers, something that’s just as important as the existence of innovation itself.


And we set out the other key ingredients that contribute to making a brand healthy. Health doesn’t just propel a brand up the BrandZ rankings; it helps a brand win a place in consumers’ hearts and minds – and that, ultimately, leads to sales, loyalty, and love.


We show that brands of any age and from any category can be bursting with vitality, if they focus on giving the right aspects of their brand a workout.


In this report, we probe beyond the Top 50 ranking itself to understand the varied strengths of the best performers. Our expert analysis details the factors fueling brand strength and strong financial returns – two key business indicators that BrandZ research globally, over more than a decade has proved are inextricably linked.


We look at emerging consumer trends that are shaping new media consumption habits and shopper behavior, and present insight from across the WPP Group. These “Thought Leadership” and “Best Practice” pieces cover subjects as varied as artificial intelligence, the rise of French tech, disruption in the retail sector, and how women are represented in brand communications.


WPP has 4,500 talented people working in the France, providing advertising, marketing, research and PR expertise. Our companies work together to provide clients with cutting-edge insights that help position brands for market-beating growth.


The global WPP network now extends to 112 markets, and our BrandZ catalogue is expanding all the time. If you enjoy this report on French brands, I invite you to browse our long-running Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands annual study, as well as our rankings and reports into the leading brands in the following markets: China, India, Indonesia, the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy and Australia. All are available from www.BrandZ.com and through our interactive mobile apps, at www.BrandZ.com/mobile.


To talk to someone about how WPP’s expertise could help your brand, feel free to contact any of the WPP companies who have contributed to this report. I’d also be delighted to hear from you directly.








David Roth

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