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Company: Nationwide Building Society

Brand value: US$1,222 million

Change since 2018: -11%

Headquarter city: Swindon

Category: Banks (including building societies)

Year formed: 1846

As a building society rather than a bank, the Nationwide stands apart from the other major financial services providers, and the brand emphasises this difference in its communications. Its structure, which means it exists for the benefit of its members, is an important point of distinction for the brand, as are many of its products. The Nationwide is the first High Street lender to offer “Later Life” mortgage products aimed at those aged 55 and over, and is investing £15 million in fintech company 10x Future Technologies as it seeks to innovate to keep pace with an increasingly digital set of competitors. The Nationwide is the UK’s second-largest mortgage provider, as well as providing savings accounts, current accounts, credit cards, ISAs and personal loans. It serves 15 million customers through around 700 branches. The brand’s Christmas campaign in 2018, “The 12 Voices of Christmas”, featured people from diverse backgrounds talking about what Christmas means to them. The brand’s community work involves plans to start not just financing property, but building 239 not-for-profit homes.