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Company:  Naturgy

Brand value: US$3,818 million

Change since 2019: -25%

Headquarter city: Barcelona

Category: Utilities

Year of foundation: 1843

Previously known as Gas Natural Fenosa, Naturgy is involved in the supply, generation, distribution and commercialization of electricity and natural gas. Its rebranding as Naturgy in 2018 signaled a shift in intention from being a strong local player to an energy business with international aspirations. In its communications, the brand focuses on its commitment to the sustainable development of society, guaranteeing the supply of competitive, safe energy with the utmost respect for the environment. Its charitable foundation supports a range of projects that aim to improve the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in the community. During the COVID-19 crisis, Naturgy launch several initiatives to provide support where it was most needed. Free services were provided to IFEMA, a Madrid exhibition hall temporarily converted into a hospital during the height of the pandemic, and the hotels and residences that gave up their facilities when they were needed. Frontline staff in the fight against the virus were allowed to delay payment of their bills if they needed to and were offered free home repairs.

Empresa:  Naturgy

Valor de marca: US$3,818 million

Ciudad en la que tiene su sede: Barcelona

Sector: Energía

Año de fundación: 1843

Esta marca de aprovisionamiento, generación, distribución y comercialización de electricidad y gas natural pasó de Gas Natural Fenosa a Naturgy en 2018, marcando el cambio a un negocio de energía con aspiraciones internacionales. La compañía se articula desde su compromiso con el desarrollo sostenible de la sociedad, garantizando el suministro de energía competitiva, segura y con el máximo respeto al medio ambiente, y desde su Fundación impulsa diferentes proyectos para mejorar la calidad de vida de las personas más vulnerables.  Naturgy ha sido la empresa energética mejor valorada por su actuación durante la crisis del COVID-19 gracias a diferentes iniciativas como el suministro de servicio gratis a IFEMA y los hoteles y residencias que cedieron sus instalaciones, reparaciones gratis para el personal de primera línea en la lucha contra la pandemia y aplazamiento de facturas entre otros.