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Navigating through change

Deepshikha Dharmaraj

Managing Director

Genesis BCW


Content Pillar: Insight

Navigating through change

Stability is never an absolute. Change is always around the corner. And sometimes, change comes in the form of a crisis and uncertainty – especially in today’s hyper-connected environment. Preparing for a crisis has become critical for organizations. The ability to mitigate a crisis has become an important aspect of a robust and effective risk management and assurance framework. The pillar of crisis management is the Response-Reassurance-Recovery model. But for stability to not be shaken by a crisis or change, readiness is key. Crisis preparedness — through scenario building, trainings, drills, and clear, documented processes — is critical for business continuity, stakeholder confidence, and overall trust of the ecosystem in the organization. With that, an organization has a strong foundation, no matter the elements the edifice has to face.