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New BrandZ™ India eligibility criteria

To present a more comprehensive view of India’s rapidly changing brand landscape, this fifth anniversary edition of the BrandZ™ India ranking expands the number of brands valued from 50 to 75. Brands ranked in the 2018 BrandZ™ Top 75 Most Valuable Indian Brands meet one or more of these eligibility criteria:

  • The corporate parent is listed on a stock exchange in India. (No change from prior years.)

  • The brand originated in India and its corporate parent is listed on a recognized stock exchange outside of India. (New. In prior years, the corporate parent needed to be listed on an Indian stock exchange.)

  • The brand is privately owned, but its complete financial statements are publicly available. (New. In prior years only publicly-traded companies were eligible.)

  • Indian unicorns have their most recent valuation publicly available. (New. In prior years unicorns were not ranked.)

In addition, one eligibility criterion is removed: that banks gain at least 25 percent of revenue from business-to-consumer activities. All banking activities—both B2C and B2B—are now considered. For more details, please see Methodology in the Resources section.