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New roles in the digital world

New roles in the digital world

Bernd Grosserohde

Global Director Portfolio Management, Insights Division



We are likely to see the imminent invasion of digital business models into consumer and durable sectors. The Internet of Things will turn consumers of physical goods into users of services and software. Value will be created through long-term relationships between manufacturer and buyer, and captured through new payment models.

This transformation will significantly impact on the roles of players in the innovation theatre:

  1. Companies will hire UX (user experience) experts to co-develop innovation strategies, and product innovation will become experience innovation.
  2. As consumers expect to move seamlessly between the online and offline worlds, commerce experts will be needed to sort out how brands can connect with buyers and users over space and time.
  3. Pricing experts will take a more active role in the early stages of the innovation process, to make sure that new offerings are based on users’ willingness to spend and their payment preferences.