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Nihon Yubin

Nihon Yubin

Parent Company: Japan Post Holdings Co. Ltd

Brand value: $984 million

Headquarter city: Tokyo

Industry: Logistics

Year formed: 2007

Although Japan has had a national post office system since the 19th century, the modern history of Nihon Yubin (Japan Post) dates to 2007, when the public postal system was privatized and split into banking, insurance, and postal companies. The latter of these, today’s Nihon Yubin, continues to uphold its universal postal service obligations, while also branching out into logistics and real estate. The company is widely known both for its longstanding "" postal code symbol, as well as for its various brand marks incorporating the letters “JP.” The company operates 24,387 post offices nationwide and employees more than 193,000 people. Its brand philosophy is based around concepts of safety, reliability, and speed, all in service of helping people live richer lives. The brand’s parent company, Japan Post Holdings Co. Ltd. is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.