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Company: Beiersdorf

Brand value: US$7,344 million

Headquarter city: Hamburg

Category: Personal Care

Year formed: 1911


The first Nivea moisturizing product, Nivea Crème, was launched in late 1911 and sold to pharmacies and drug stores in a yellow can. The modern Nivea range, which has now come to be known for its largely blue packaging, is now one of the most widely recognized personal care brands in the world, with product lines that include facial care, cosmetics, haircare and styling, deodorants, body lotions, shower products, and sun protection. There are specific ranges for men and for children, and the Nivea name has come to be synonymous with trust and expertise. The brand regularly launches new lines and product innovations, such as the recently released face-cleaning brush and in-shower face and body products. There are two Nivea stores in Germany, in Hamburg and Berlin, but the brands is primarily distributed via drugstores, personal care stores, and supermarkets. While the brand is well loved and widely used, there have been several controversies over ingredients in Nivea products over the years. Since 2016, all Nivea products have been free of controversial polyethylene plastic particles, though the brand was one of several criticized in 2017 by Greenpeace, for using other non-biodegradable substances. German national soccer coach Jogi Löw features in Nivea advertising around its men’s range, an important part of the portfolio. Parent company Beiersdorf shares are listed on multiple German stock exchanges, and have been part of the DAX index of the leading 30 German companies since 2008.