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Company: Beiersdorf AG

Brand value: US$6,846 million

Change since 2019: -12%

Headquarter city: Hamburg

Category: Personal Care

Year formed: 1911

NIVEA is a global personal care brand spanning facial care; cosmetics, haircare, styling, deodorants, shower and sun products. NIVEA frequently releases new products and variants, using innovation to regularly renew interest in the category and the brand. In recognition of the rising influence of Korean beauty and skincare innovations, NIVEA has launched an accelerator programme for beauty startups in Seoul. Parent company Beiersdorf is part of a multi-company partnership called Loop, which reduces disposable product packaging and invites customers to recycle used packs. The NIVEA brand is closely associated with summer skin care and for more than 50 years NIVEA has partnered with the German Life-Saving Society on projects to promote water and sun safety. NIVEA sponsors beach volleyball and its 2019 “Summer at Last” campaign focused on healthy summer fun. A new global campaign highlights the versatility of the original NIVEA crème, and shows it as a companion through life’s ups and downs.