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Norms for the New Normal

Norms for the New Normal

Namrata Gajaria

Planning Director



Here are four trends that a year ago may have seemed less urgent, but are rapidly becoming of utmost importance.


Boundaryless experiences. Physical environment restrictions has limited brands’ ability to craft larger-than-life experiences. Hence, brands should focus on creating more boundaryless, accessible experiences - like the way Samsung used Instagram filters to demonstrate the superiority of its new smartphone camera.

At your service. In the early days of the pandemic, consumers found it hard to purchase many products due to limited availability. Brands have learned that they need to be accessible across multiple (and sometimes entirely new) channels. For instance, ITC introduced food trucks and partnered with housing societies to make it easy for consumers to buy essential products at their doorsteps.

Assisted knowledge. An overload of information has made it difficult for consumers to trust brands. Brands need to provide knowledge that is trustworthy and supportive – and present it in a way that cuts through the clutter.

Community experiences. Brands need to show preference to loyal members in ways that make them feel special; for instance, One plus recently launched exclusive AR experiences for its members so they can virtually try products while at home.