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Nurturing talent : Internal stability for businesses

Deepshikha Dharmaraj

Managing Director

Genesis BCW


Content Pillar: Insight

Nurturing talent / Internal stability for businesses

Having an engaged workforce has become critical for business success and stability. Employees can become a business’s biggest brand ambassadors if their interests align with that of the organization. But employees are regular people, too, who are bombarded with the same cacophony of messages as everyone else. So, how does an organization ensure that its own people hear its message? By being authentic and walking the talk — by demonstrating that the organization’s message goes beyond mere words and taglines.

Employee engagement requires a brand to go beyond transactional thinking to rally its people around a larger purpose. Organizations that transcend the profit paradigm and work towards improving the lives of people in their communities ultimately build stronger relationships with their employees as well as the larger community. So, when something threatens the stability of an organization, the company can withstand it, because it has built up strength from within.