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Observation 7: 360 Communication

Multiple media mix is the best option for reaching Chinese


Multi-screen use correlates with brand value


The brand building observations included in this section are critical elements for building brand value. But even brands that excel in being innovative, different, commanding a premium, and having a clear purpose need to take another step and communicate, with a variety of media—digital but not only digital.


People across generations, but especially young people, rely on multiple media channels. Mobile is by far where people spend most of their media time. Over 70 percent of members of Gen Z, (16-to-19 years old), Gen Y (20 to 34 years old), and Gen X (35 to 49 years old) spend at least one hour daily on a mobile device.


Despite the importance of mobile and digital, however, it is vital not to dismiss traditional media—TV, print, and radio. Chinese still spend a lot of time with traditional media. Around 54 percent spend an hour or more daily watching traditional TV, for example, more time than they spend with online newspapers and magazines.


In addition, with the need to reach consumers across so many media, advertisers are investing in ways to communicate with consumers at the moments when they have an opportunity to grab their attention. Investment is rising in cinema video and elevator TV, for example. These media work most effectively for fast moving consumer goods (FMCG). Adding more targeted media to the mix improves effectiveness for brands in durables and services.


The results of multiscreen campaigns are clear and measurable. Over the past three years, brands in the BrandZ™China Top 100 that continuously invested in multi-screen campaigns increased 44.6 percent in value. In contrast, brands that did not continuously invest in multiscreen campaigns increased only 24.6 percent in value.

Brand Implications

Because mobile is so dominant in China, it is easy to assume that mobile or digital alone would be enough to reach and impact the relevant audiences. BrandZ™ analysis indicates that this approach would deliver less than optimal results, and that a multimedia approach, even using new media, such cinema video or elevator video, will be more effective. The media landscape is rapidly changing. Celebrities are still important, for example. But brands need to select the right celebrity and the celebrity needs to seem more accessible and relatable than in the past.