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Obsessed with analyzing the customer purchase process

Obsessed with analyzing the customer purchase process

The last time you bought something, why did you do it? In many cases, that decision was made at the point of sale, but at other times it stems from the impact of advertising you’ve been exposed to before you even thought about ​​buying the product, or from a friend’s recommendation. In short, the purchase decision journey is not as linear as we usually think. It is a complex mixture of logic and emotions shaped by our experiences, brand communications and the opinions of others.

So, when a client asks, “why does consideration for my brand sometimes translate into sales and sometimes not? Are there critical points where you can win or lose sales?”, it is important to be able to give an answer based on solid data. At Wavemaker, we think of the purchase process more like a loop than a funnel, a loop with two distinct phases: a "passive stage", which is our daily life, and in which we do not need to buy a product; and an "active stage", which we enter when a need or want triggers our need to buy the product (perhaps we have run out of what we had, it has broken down, or it no longer fulfils its function). And as each consumer makes that shift from the passive to the active stage, new opportunities or touchpoints appear in which brands can gain sales – moments in which their messages can increase consumer consideration of their offer. Those touchpoints differ for each category and each brand, and each plays a different role in each stage of the process.

Sometimes, investing in the passive stage can be up to nine times more effective than trying to change the consumer’s mind when they are at the point of making a purchase decision.

There is nothing linear about the buying process, and it is vital that brands know how and when to approach consumers in order to optimize their advertising budget.

Jesús Olivar

Head of Analytics & Insights