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Oldies but goodies – the lasting power of mass media

Hartmut Scheffler


Kantar TNS



It is not just Procter & Gamble that has seen it. Online platforms and startups like Zalando have recognized it too. Classic mass media – traditional media, if you like – still works.


Many brand managers understand this, often as a result of learning by doing. If the target group is not extremely narrow, if there is no narrow B2B target group, for example, then for many brands, mass media channels remain an integral part of intelligent communications today.


New media offerings certainly provide brands with enhanced strength when it comes to dialogue marketing; social media and digital sales channels create ever more attractive opportunities to communicate, act, and react more effectively.


But classic mass media, from print to audio to video, are by no means obsolete. On the contrary, they enable millions of contacts (net, and not just gross!) to be made more quickly than any other medium or touchpoint. They can build awareness and brand image, and drive short-term sales. Successful brands see this, and succeed by successfully combining old and new: mass paid media with owned and earned opportunities.