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Omni Shopper

Pursuing the new omni-shopper

Celine Rosalina

Junior Planner

Geometry Indonesia


In today’s complex world, people are morphing into omni-shoppers. They are beginning to forge their own unique pathways through the decision-making journey, mixing online with in-store (offline) experiences to connect with their favorite brands.

Shoppers’ journeys are in some ways simpler, and in others more complex. The rise of e-commerce has significantly changed the way we shop and buy. Product reviews and star ratings from other shoppers provide reassurance and motivate us to purchase – without always having to try out a product in a store ourselves.


Brands are competing to get shoppers’ attention through multiple channels, yet too often they use a “one size fits all” approach. This is ineffective and leads to missed opportunities. People remember the brands that make them feel good. That means brands should embrace and connect with new omni-shopper seamlessly in the online and offline ecosystem; not just with a cookie-cutter message, but with meaningful experiences.